Unveil the impact of urban interventions

The easiest way to understand what caused what in a city.

The Problem

When something is changed in a city, it's hard to identify the positive and negative consequences.

'Was it the weather? Was it COVID-19?'

Cities are subjected to several external factors that make it challenging to isolate what was caused by a particular intervention and what was due to something else.
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No meaningful baseline

Once the city is modified, we don’t know what would have happened otherwise. Standard forecasting techniques can be dangerously misleading.
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Digital Twins will always miss something

Digital Twins are great in building rough approximations of the real-world. However, it doesn't matter how many hours of work are spent to create the perfect twin, it will always have a breaking point.
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The Solution

Our approach is effective in any scenario for any kind of city intervention.

Everything is connected

Every city region is unique, but all regions have something in common. The behaviour of any region can be approximated by the right combination of the others.
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Finding the recipe of a Real Twin

We rely on advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse historical data of every region to match relevant features and obtain a precise copy of the reality.
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Generic and robust

Our method always work. Even to predict the response to events that never happened before.
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Hit the ground running

Our approach requires no initial setup or customisation. Just plug-in your data and you are ready to go!
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Our Platform

Create a new Experiment

Just tell us when and where your experiment is happening. That's all we need to know to tell you how it's performing according to the objectives you defined.

Follow your Experiment daily

Follow on a daily basis how your experiment is performing against each one of the objectives set. Have a clear view of what would have happened if the experiment didn't happen at all.

Take decisions based on a simple scoring system

Follow everything that's happening in the city in one place. A dynamic score summarises the performance of each experiment into a single number, supporting better and quicker decisions.

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